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5 Powerful Reasons to Adopt PowerApps

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Businesses realise that requiring employees to utilise multiple work platforms to complete their roles is no longer possible. Not to add that staff become demotivated when faced with performing time-consuming, repetitive activities which leads to human error, poor data quality and stifling team creativity.

Microsoft Power Apps is one of the most popular products in the Microsoft 365 suite. Organisations use the solution to solve common business process issues, manage projects, address workflow needs and engage consumers. Power Apps’ existing features, as well as Microsoft’s most recent upgrades, enable further capabilities and customisation for businesses.

As many modern organisations prefer to solve challenges internally. For business leaders, heads of departments and employees it’s certainly appealing when colleagues, who know their working frustrations, are empowered to build desktop apps rapidly and improve their working environment and performance.

Here’s 5 Powerful reasons you need to be adopting PowerApps:


Time is of the Essence

In the technologically advanced world we live and work in, having something at your fingertips a month later is too late. Using Power Apps you can rapdily develop useful and meaningful apps that are functional and improve your day-to-day organisational operations. Power Apps has powerful drag and drop capabilities allowing you to add buttons, images, data tables, text, data connectors, and labels rapidly.


Low cost of app ownership

App development and deployment have several associated costs, including licensing of components and not to forget historically the developers! With the PowerApps low-code powerful platform, development costs are signifcantly lower. From a licensing perspective, all Microsoft 365 subscribers can access PowerApps services but are limited to non-premium connectors that connect to most Microsoft Online services. If the organization wants additional premium connectors, subscription plans are available.


Cross-platform access and ease of deployment

Users who develop mobile apps outside of Power Apps must undergo Apple or Google’s review before they can roll the apps out to those catalogues or stores. Power Apps enables organisations to build and quickly deploy powerful apps to their designated catalogue from the main platform. Employees can share and access any app developed within Power Apps from a tablet, web interface or mobile device. This eliminates unnecessary complexity seen with traditional app development.



Microsoft PowerApps is certainly powered to use in cloud-based environments, but it’s not limited to remote storage connections. If you have on-site servers then PowerApps can easily connect with them as well as draw on cloud-based data. The connection and flow of information is essentially seamless. Security protocols are navigated flawlessly to ensure data flow is secure between all locations. Using OneDrive will certainly make things a lot smoother, and some Excel data can only be accessed if it is stored on OneDrive, but onsite storage is still a valid source to draw from. PowerApps is more than capable of navigating various data sources.


Easy App Maker

Creating a new app traditionally includes many steps, including ticket submission, manager approval, design, prototype signoff, Q&A testing, security, and releasing the new app. With PowerApps’s pre-configured templates, you can develop apps rapidly without major coding requirements and without the necessity to include your IT department. Because of its flexibility, you can simply reduce the rigorous task of coding with effortless drag-and-drop features or select a template with ready-made functions for your business requirements. In development terms, PowerApps begin far from the ground up with all the components and directions ready and available. Whether you’re making a business app or a browser-based app, Microsoft PowerApp is a powerful solution but be warned it’s easy to create access to data and overlook who has access!

How can a PowerApps consultant help you?

Although PowerApps is a leading low-code app development platform, an expert professional who knows basic ins and outs of the platform will be helpful to you. It is always advisable to engage with a Power Platform Partner to make things go in the right direction as you start with the technology and Microsoft environment.


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