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Our pledge – team Elysian

Elysian:IT is a people company, and more than just a bunch of technological superhero’s. We’re proud to be a part of our local community and support the passions of our colleagues, which is why we nominate a charity each year that is close to our hearts to give something back.   

For this year our charity of choice is one which has been central to the heart of Elysian’s Jan Petersen, the Mityana Projects Trust.

Jan has devoted much of her spare time to this great trust, being a Trustee and the Treasurer. The trust is based in North West Hampshire, roughly 14 miles from our offices, and with the continued support of the Whitchurch Deanery and other local schools, they have been supporting the Mityana Ugandan district since 2007.

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Mityana Project Trust – mission statement

The trusts’ motivation is driven to help in breaking the region’s cycle of poverty, which is no means a quick fix but believe that though education the individuals, by in large, have more choice, earn more money and often avoid the difficulties associated with poverty.

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To support the development of rural primary education by providing new or improved facilities in schools


To promote sustainable development through vocational institutions


To encourage the growth of the local economy by providing financial assistance to establish or build small businesses for groups of women


Offering financial, spiritual and educational support to Mityana Dicoese


To increase international understanding and relationships between the people of North West Hampshire and the people of the Mityana District of Uganda

Mityana Charity Cycle Challenge: we smashed it!

In support of MPT, we took up the challenge to raise funds for the purchase of equipment and supplies for the Butoloogo Health Clinic, in a Virtual Cycle Challenge.

On the 23rd Sept, our 2 teams took it in turns on fixed bikes to cycle the equivalent 100 miles (estimate… Uganda uses km and distances are always a bit subjective in their terrain!) which separates the clinic from the Mityana Project Trust base. 

The weather was great, the energy drinks were on hand, and even some members had lycra on… yes, this was serious, but what would you expect from Elysian!

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