Azure – Commence

The Azure Commence package is targeted at customers who wish to start their journey to the cloud in a considered and staged fashion. This will take the form of creating a initial, production ready, environment to migrate a key service to Microsoft Azure IaaS (such as a Windows Domain Controller or StorSimple Cloud Storage Appliance), utilising the key IaaS services on offer, to assist in proving the platform whilst refining a longer term roadmap to realise the full benefits available.

The Commence package is offered as a fixed price engagement (based on meeting a set of key criteria) and offers a competitive option to conduct an initial, production ready, deployment of Azure IaaS services and subsequent pilot.

Starting with the Assess phase, our consultants will work to familarise key members of your team with Microsoft Azure and generate a customised roadmap and business case specific to your needs to ensure that the value of your investment in cloud services is identified and realised as early within any implementation project as possible. Additionally a clear set of objectives will be defined for the Pilot to ensure that these can be monitored and achieved during the phase.

Once the Roadmap is defined and agreed, the implementation can commence. This comprises of:

  1. Technical Planning – discovery and design of the Microsoft Azure environment including identification of any readiness or remedial activities that will be required in advance of the implementation (this typically covers Active Directory, network connectivity and provision of Windows Domain Controller)
  2. Microsoft Azure Service Set Up – the set up and configuration of each of the identified Services for use by the pilot user community:
    1. Tennant Setup
    2. Network Implementation
    3. Implementation of Domain Controller and replication
    4. Identification of Services and alignment to Microsoft Azure

During the Pilot itself, we will provide further support to ensure that any issues or questions are swiftly resolved and that the objectives for the phase are achieved.

Upon completion of the Pilot we will work with you to define the next steps in terms of adding more users to the environment or conducted further configuration with the Enhance phase.


  • Microsoft Azure Overview – PowerPoint Deck
  • Customer specific Microsoft Azure Roadmap – PowerPoint Deck
  • Technical Design and Implementation Plan – Word Doc