ElysianIT is a Microsoft Solution Provider with extensive experience of working with Microsoft Azure, EMS and Office 365. We offer a range of business change and implementation services focussed around Microsoft technologies. We have a wealth of experience of delivering change projects through the careful and considered implementation of technology.
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Baseline | Azure

Do you find yourself asking the following questions:

I need to provision Linux and Windows virtual machines in seconds with the configurations of my choice.

I need to achieve high availability by autoscaling to create thousands of VMs in minutes.

I need to accelerate app development by using an event-driven serverless architecture.

I need to develop microservices and orchestrate containers on Windows and Linux.

I want to quickly create cloud apps for web and mobile by using a fully managed platform.

I want to containerize apps and easily run containers by using a single command.

I need to create highly available, scalable cloud applications and APIs that can help me focus on apps instead of hardware.


Do you need help with an accelerated deployment of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services


At Elysian with have a Secure Azure Baseline which provides the governance, security and configuration to onboard to Azure quickly and safely.


Elysian are a Microsoft Gold platform partner recognised for delivering Azure Services and Azure DevOps. Our approach is to automate Azure deployments using JSON templates and following the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) methodology. IaC is a method to provision and manage IT infrastructure through the use of source code, rather than through standard operating procedures and manual processes.


What does the Elysian Zero to Hero Azure Baseline look like:


Awareness and Design will consist of:

  • Azure Service Awareness workshop
    • Azure Overview
    • Requirements capture
  • Design Documentation covering:
    • Define blueprint and landing zone requirements
    • Create Azure Scaffolding Definitions (IAM, Security, Monitoring, Costs, Platform)
    • Define Security Standards meeting CIS Benchmark (Apply and enforce)
    • Define Azure Backup regimes
    • Define Networking and VPN configuration
    • Define Virtual Machine specification and sizing (where known i.e. Active Directory Domain Controllers / AD Connect), App Service, Containers, Functions and Logic Apps
    • Define Key Vault
    • Define Azure Site Recovery / Azure Back Up definition
    • Define Azure monitor, Log Analytics and alerts


Build and Implementation Phase will consist of:

  • Development of ARM JSON Scripts
  • Implementation and post configuration
    • Creation of the network “bridge” (Site to Site VPN\ExpressRoute) between existing networks and Azure datacenters
    • Provision Virtual Machine for testing
    • Apply security baseline as agreed within the design
    • Azure Key Vault
    • Azure Monitor, Log Analytics and Security Centre configuration
  • Implement Azure Migrate Appliance on-premise and Execute Azure Migrate
  • Admin Training and Handover of implemented services into Azure


Typical Engagement Approach


The Zero to Hero service engagement approach is detailed below:


  1. Workshop – on-site or remote session to provide an overview of Azure DevOps and audit existing environment
  2. Documentation – Provide recommendations based on the audit and define prerequisites
  3. Implementation – Configure the services as detailed in the service offering
  4. Documentation Update – Finalise documentation based on configuration and complete user guide
  5. Admin Oversight and Handover – on-site or remote technical training and handover



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