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Windows Virtual Desktop – is it right for you?

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) was first announced in September 2018 at Microsoft Ignite, and with a private preview signup being available it certainly created a massive amount of hype in the techie community. Sometime on now and it’s much clearer on how this Microsoft Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution can best be used, but is it for everyone?

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IT leaders, are constantly anticipating and responding to the evolving technology needs of organisations, and working within changing budgets the pressure is on to ensure that the IT provision remains agile and fit for purpose.

For sure WVD delivers many benefits from security with its sophisticated security services being easily configured through Azure AD, easy administration with granular role-based access control (RBAC), and not forgetting the organisational CAPEX cost savings, but you might still be wondering if it’s the right strategic approach for your organisation.

Organisations who adopted Windows Virtual Desktop saw an increased productivity of 22 person-hours per end-user from improved connectivity, onboarding, and security response.

To help with the decision process, below is a set of self-assessment questions designed to clarify if WVD is right for you.

Do you need…


the ability to scale efficiently, adding new users quickly and easily?


to provide Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to you users?


to reduce management and deployment costs for Windows Server?


to support persistent and non-persistent environments?


integrated security and management (Microsoft 365 and AAD)?


to manage different deployment types across different deployment planes?


to support and run Windows 7 legacy applications?


to support end-users with rich Microsoft client experience?


to reduce your CAPEX levels?


to provide end-user computing within a regulated industry that has strict compliance requirements?

If you’ve found yourself answering yes to one or more of those questions then the chance is that WVD will benefit your organisation.

Your business deserves the best, if you’d like to discuss WVD options and how it could work for your organisation, request a call-back today.

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