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Creating a blueprint for UK competitiveness

Boosting competitiveness with small-scale changes to talent, future readiness and tech.

UK Competitiveness is being put to the test like never before, as organisations continue to navigate COVID-19 and prepare for Brexit, identifying a way through will be crucial. While belief that the nation can survive and thrive remains high, with 71% of UK confident that their organisation can navigate the pandemic, determination needs to be aligned to action. 

The UK is at a Crossroads

Even at the start of last year, Britain risked losing its competitive edge, faced with Brexit uncertainty, rapid digitalisation and a frustrating productivity slump.

When COVID-19 struck, it sent shockwaves through our service-led economy. Those Shockwaves still being felt today, with further waves of the virus, mounting public debt and renewed Brexit concerns.


54% of UK leaders surveyed told us they have seen a decrease in revenue this last year.


41% of UK leaders say the current economic climate is a key barrier to competitiveness, above COVID-19 and Brexit.

UK firms are struggling to remain competitive amid the dual shock of COVID-19 and Brexit uncertainty, with more than one in five having to scrap an existing business models within days of entering lockdown. 

In 2021, the nation’s competitiveness on the global stage will be put to the test like never before – so is the UK ready and willing to compete and what must organisations do to transform? 

This report seeks to answer those questions, incorporating input from renowned experts on competitiveness from Harvard University, the CBI, OECD and Tech Talent Charter and organisations such as Sainsburys and Admiral.

The findings have allowed academics from Goldsmiths, University of London and Microsoft to come together to create a new model for UK competitiveness. Competitiveness that will help companies to remain afloat, to help our economy grow out of this crisis and build a better future.

Download the report now.

MSFT Blueprint for competitiveness

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3 Dimensions for Competitiveness


Talentleaders must be responsive, fostering a diverse and inclusive environment to enable innovation and knowledge sharing. ​


Future Readinessleaders need to grasp fresh growth opportunities and show agility.  


Technologycreate a dynamic digital infrastructure to boost productivity, collaboration, and efficiency. 

Adopting a socially progressive and digitally-enabled approach to competitiveness, businesses can unlock the full value of their economic potential.

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