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A Year of Change – Digital Transformation 2020 Trends

Inventing net-new digital capabilities to solve complex challenges

The way we work and live has changed. Organizations of all sizes have scrambled to digitally transform and move to remote work even as they struggle to understand their future as a result of the recent global health crisis – and digital transformation has become a requirement for business continuity.

Understanding the scope of change

Prior to 2020, digital transformation was a force of its own. More than half of all gross domestic product (GDP) worldwide had become digital,¹ as businesses generated revenue from software applications and used new technologies to build proprietary solutions. Then the world was hit with a global pandemic and digital transformation itself was transformed.

Businesses no longer view digital transformation solely as a source of innovation. It has become a requirement for business continuity, enabling teams to work anywhere and organizations to rapidly adjust in the face of a crisis. Whereas they typically used to move forward cautiously with digital transformation, today companies are relying on it for the stability and agility it offers their operations, workforce, and customers.



of companies believe they need to embrace tech intensity to be successful in the future

Modern technology solutions are all central to this development. Organizations are converting data into meaningful value, finding new ways to serve customers and building solutions that are relevant for a rapidly changing socio-economic environment. Meanwhile, they are successfully reinventing for the digital economy – that’s digital transformation.

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Microsoft Digital Transformation Trends

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4 trends driving change


Every company will become a tech company


Global society will benefit from tech intensity


Lines between and within industries will blur


Corporate cultures will shift

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