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Security beyond Microsoft products

The Intelligent Security Hub – manage mission-critical workloads securely, with the right tools at your fingertips. Microsoft365 makes security simple again.

With Microsoft, intelligence is shared through the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph. Harnessing the power of machine learning, processing trillions of pieces of data from billions of devices, we make the security management solutions work for you. This shared intelligence is leveraged by the management consoles across Identity, Devices, Apps & Data and Infrastructure- helping security admins and operation centre teams to get important information optimized for their workloads.

The key for a CISO’s success in managing security is not about a single console across everything, but integration wherever it makes sense. You don’t need all the point solutions to manage, data points to sift through to secure your end-user devices and expanding networks.

With single vendor mgmt., built-in controls that come with MS solutions and the unmatched intelligence, Microsoft becomes your trusted partner in achieving intelligent security management.

In short, Microsoft provides you intelligent security management with:


Specialized Controls based on your security teams’ needs


Visibility where needed


Guidance on how to harden your organization’s security posture based on unmatched intelligence.

Intelligent Security

IT Security & Compliance

Enterprise Mobility + Security

Endpoint  Management

Security Operations Center
(Azzure Sentinal)

Microsoft Defender

Managed Security Service

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Cyber-security Workshop

The ElysianIT Cyber Security Workshop explores your current cyber-security situation, ascertains where you want to be and discusses how you can close the gap between the two.

As an exploratory workshop, this will help you understand your cyber-security challenges and presents the solutions and options available.

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