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How Power Automate works to expand your business

Power Automate is Microsoft’s answer to the rapid expansion of cloud-based apps and technologies in business. With Power Automate, apps of all shapes and sizes are interconnected using automated workflows that can help you save precious and time and money on otherwise repetitive tasks. Do less to do more with your resources! Bring the best out in your apps and data with Power Automate!

Collaboration Suit

Power Automate is part of the Microsoft Power Platform, a modular platform built on a common data model, comprised of Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate. Operating individually or unison, Power Platform modules draw even more value from your company’s data with seamless integration with your Dynamics 365 platform.


With Power Automate, your business can:

Turn repetitive tasks into multistep workflows

At its core, Power Automate brings automated logic to your business’s relationship with your own and third-party apps that form the basis of daily tasks. Reduce redundancies and empower your teams to focus on high-value tasks with code-free, point-to-click technology that will have your apps and systems speaking to each other in no time.

Boost the quality of your data

Power Automate is a powerful tool in the fight to raise data quality in your business. With the design and easy implementation of automated workflows, data can enter your system at any stage of a flow and find its place inside your system, where relevant authorized end users can use it accordingly.

Automate across 200+ apps and systems

Power Automate brings interconnectivity to more than 200 sources, easily integrating with tools like Dynamics 365, Office 365, Sharepoint and Teams. But it truly comes into its own with other tools in the Power Platform family: Power BI for rich visual insights into data, and Power Apps for the low-code design of simple, seamless apps for your business.

Combine easy app creation and automated workflows for big business growth

Power Automate helps your apps talk to one another, integrating seamlessly with social media, email and the datasets of powerful business solutions like Dynamics 365. With templates or your own multi-step flows, connect several apps in a matter of clicks using Power Automate.


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Over the years we’ve built a team with a wealth of experience, we understand how different organisations, departments and data flows. Our Power Platform services can significantly improve the way your organisation operates.

Providing full Power Platform as a Service through to Stand-alone app development and Health checks, we focus on empowering organisations with the knowledge, governance and support to gain true technological value, helping you grow your low-code momentum.

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Whether you need to add simple flows to your processes or are looking for a fully managed service, our experts will talk you through and demonstrate how you can harness Microsoft Power Platform to solve your organisational challenges. Start your workplace evolution – request your expert call-back

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