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Legacy Software – it’s impacting your bottom-line.

Despite the difficulties associated with implementing and integrating new business software, businesses are more likely to be negatively impacted by inertia than by taking action and updating their data management solutions.

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It’s estimated 78% of businesses are held back in terms of growth and enhanced efficiency due to old technology. And half of senior IT leaders state that legacy systems are the main barrier to digital transformation, blocking their organisation’s progress. With 31% of organisations citing the cost of change is holding them back from updating their legacy systems.

“if it ain’t broke, why fix it!”

Sticking with legacy systems also comes down to a matter of complacency – if a system is working satisfactorily, then why change it?

However, it is vital organisations consider how much their current systems are holding them back operationally as they typically take longer to carry out processes, delaying business and impact revenue.

4 Key IT Legacy Problems


Impaired productivity

48% of UK employees wasting three hours or more per day due to inefficient systems.


Increase security risks

87% of IT decision-makers say that retaining old systems leaves businesses more vulnerable to security threats.


Reduced data transparency

Businesses running a number of separate legacy systems can struggle with a lack of centralised data, impacting decision making.

Limited agility

Rigid solutions hinder innovation and business growth as business changes are difficult to achieve quickly.

Legacy systems slow down organisations, are costly to maintain, have limited integrations, present silo data and information, and often cannot scale to new business needs. More often than not, these platforms do not quickly and easily provide employee’s with the information they require to make decisions and achieve their objectives.

Technology is the Tool – growth and productivity the benefits

Business technology continues to evolve at an ever-increasing pace and recent years have seen a huge rise in the number of technology-enabled business. Even for those businesses who aren’t reliant on IT operations directly, the importance of critical business systems and associated IT infrastructure are imperative for success in today’s environment.

Boost Productivity

Provide employees with intelligent integrated business solutions – increasing collaboration, boosting communications, and save time on repetitive tasks.

Secure your Business

Protect your entire digital estate with AI and automation, and empowering your workforce with a friction-free experience to achieve their goals and objectives unhindered.

Gain Transparency

Build consolidated dashboards and embrace the power of business intelligence to ensure you’re making the best business decisions with the latest business information.
The investment in new technology can cost less in the long-term than nursing along old systems. It will also boost productivity and profits, help to retain existing customers and attract new. Efficient, intuitive applications will also increase staff happiness and drive innovation rather than stifle it.

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