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Cyber-Security: Strategic Imperatives



Cyber-crime is more than fraud and Cyber attacks are growing in both number and complexity. In our digital, information-driven world where every company is considered a technology company, that means cyber threat management is a business and strategic imperative.

Whether you’re building or revamping, it’s important for organizational risk leaders to set a target state of maturity for cyber-security. The target state for maturity is best defined through an understanding of the business context and resulting priorities along with discussions between cyber-security and decision-makers in the rest of the organization.

While not all organizations need to be at the highest level in all areas of cyber-security maturity, the target state needs to support the organization in achieving its strategic goals balanced with the cost and time of achieving it.

While cyber-security posture must be flexible depending on an organization’s size and maturity level, the key is to develop a security level that lets you anticipate, defend and recover from your industry’s most common and emerging threats

Effective cyber-security starts with awareness at the board and C-suite level – the recognition that at some point your organization will be attacked. You need to understand the biggest threats and learn how they can put the assets at the heart of your organization’s mission at risk.

In this 40 minutes session, we’ll be presenting a series of questions boards should be asking themselves around cyber-security and resiliency, to facilitate the internal discussion as a guide to understanding and rank your cyber-security posture and capabilities.



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Cyber-Security: Strategic Imperatives (Webinar)


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