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Introduction to Microsoft Azure



Cloud solutions put an end to the traditional capital-intensive infrastructure and applications costs. Cloud solutions provide a scalable, flexible future, giving you the efficient, agile and innovative platform you need to become a digital business.

Moving to the cloud is a commercial, technical and strategic decision. Instead of building and managing your own hardware and software, it is provided for you “as a service” and accessed over a network. You are effectively outsourcing your computing services. 

We now have a fully scalable, modern IT cloud platform which enables us to focus on achieving further international expansion.

At ElysianIT we have a Secure Azure Baseline deliverable which provides the governance, security and configuration to onboard to Azure quickly and securely. At the end of this process you will be left with the basic building block to allow you to host cloud workloads.

This session talks you through the basics of Microsoft Azure and a best-practice model for deployment



Azure Services Awareness & Design


Build, Implementation & Provisioning


Virtual machines


Managing security & Monitoring


Back-ups & Restores

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Cloud: Introduction to Microsoft Azure (Webinar)


Scheduled on request


40 Mins


Microsoft level 200/300

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