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The Power Platform – enhancing organisations

Cost-effective apps, process automation solutions and business intelligence tools

The Microsoft Power Platform is a low code platform that uses Microsoft Azure to combine the robust power of integrated Business Intelligence, Applications, Automation and Virtual Agents into one powerful business application platform – providing quick & easy app building, data insights & business process automation.

Power Platform

Digitally transform and modernize your business applications and processes – the Power Platform is one of the fastest-growing Microsoft product areas for its capability to deliver fast and cost-effective transformation of business processes, and Power Platform applications will work with third-party software and applications as well as Microsoft solutions for added flexibility.

Why use the Power Platform?

Boost Productivity

Facilitate automation of business processes and routine tasks and  increase business productivity & efficiency.


Enhanced Control

Significantly increase management control that guarantees the execution of the business strategy.

Gain Transparency

Business tools allowing a 360-degree view of the organisation, or each business process as and when required.

Save Money

Increase organisation agility by reducing application development costs and speed up project delivery.

Organisations using Power Automate saw a 27.4% reduction in errors from increased automation and those using Power Apps, organisations can expect to see a 74% reduction in application development costs

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Powerful alone – better together!

The Microsoft Power Platform is more than the sum of its parts, connect them together and build end-to-end solutions to drive your organisation.

Power BI

 Make informed, organisational decisions by putting data-driven insights into everyone’s hands.

Power Apps

Turning ideas into organizational solutions by enabling everyone to build apps that solve business challenges.

Power Automate

Boost organisation productivity to get more done by giving everyone the ability to automate organizational processes.

Power Virtual Agents

Easily build chatbots to engage conversationally with your customers and employees – no coding required.

Power Pages

Build sites by using the same shared business data stored in Microsoft Dataverse that you use for building apps.

The Microsoft Power Platform is a low code platform that uses Microsoft Azure to combine the robust power of Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents into one powerful organisational application platform – providing quick & easy app building, data insights & business process automation.

Power Platform Relationships
These services can connect to themselves and each other and outside data sources by means of hundreds of standard or premium connectors.

 How ElysianIT can help – your Power Platform Partner

Providing full lifecycle services through to stand-alone app development and reviews, we focus on empowering organisations with the knowledge, governance and support to gain true technological value, helping you grow your low-code momentum.

Power Platform as a Service

Taking care of your power platform app development, maintenance and support, to free up your time.

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Health Check and Audit Reviews

Helping you understand where you might have application configuration and security issues.

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Biz App Development

Tapping directly into our Microsoft-certified Power Platform Expert knowledge. 

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Over the years we’ve built a team with a wealth of experience, we understand how different organisations, departments and data flows. Our Power Platform services can significantly improve the way your organisation operates.

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Talk to ElysianIT about a complimentary Power Platform workshop, where we will discuss your organisation’s needs in detail.

Whether you need to add simple flows to your processes or are looking for a full managed service, our experts will talk you through and demonstrate how you can harness Microsoft Power Platform to solve your organisational challenges. Start your workplace evolution – request your expert call-back

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We’re a people company, our strength is through our combined knowledge and experience.

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It’s through our understanding of technology and organisational needs that we’re able to architect, implement, enhance and support some of the largest organisations in the UK.

Our work doesn’t stop there, we transform entire organizations as well –  we help companies master their digital investments to create better working environments, teach multiple teams to speak the same language, build empathy with each other, and give them the tools to build unstoppable momentum.

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Our addiction to crushing problems is what gives us that endorphin rush.

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From multi-million pound corporations to non-profit – our team has successfully guided organisations big and small to those ‘aha! ‘ moments that transformed their business, read their stories…

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