Azure Well-Architected Framework (WAF) 

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Getting to know the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework

Ensuring Confidence in your Cloud Infrastructure

As the technology requirements of your organisation grow and change over time, deploying business-critical applications can increase complexity and overheads substantially.

Established by Microsoft, the Azure Well-Architected Framework (WAF) is a guide for Azure tenets for orchestrating best-practise in scalable cloud systems.

WAF lays down technical guidance specifically focusing at the workload level across five core pillars. These pillars help you effectively and consistently optimize your workloads against Azure best practices in-line with your organisational priorities which are relevant to your cloud journey.  

Operational Excellence

Running and monitoring systems


Protecting information & managing system integrity



Performing as intended correctly and consistently

Performance Efficiency

Using IT & computing resources efficiently

Cost Optimization

Avoiding unnecessary costs by controlling resoucres

Why is this important to your business?

A Well-Architected infrastructure helps you build highly available, secure, cost-effective, scalable, and efficient core systems that drive business results, ensure business continuity and provide first-rate cloud experiences.

5  Pillars of Azure Well-Architected Framework

Operational Excellence

This pillar ensures complete visibility into how an application is functioning. This way, the vendor and client ensure that users find the best experience post-migration. By ensuring operational excellence, companies can also implement faster development and release cycles.



Security pillar focuses on protecting data & systems, controlling access (Identity and Access Management), identifying potential security threats, and mitigating the impact of security incidents. It also includes authenticating and protecting the application and data from network attacks.



During the migration, the system is designed so that it can maintain uptime during small-scale incidents. The infrastructure resumes functioning after partial network outages hence handling localized failures. The primary purpose of this pillar is to make the system available to the end-users.

Performance Efficiency

Performance efficiency guides you on how to make your workload effectively meet the demands placed by the users. Here, the vendor matches the resources available to an application with the demand from the customers. It includes scaling resources, optimizing potential bottlenecks, and optimizing various systems for best performance.


This pillar ensures that the organization’s money will be utilized to the maximum. For any project, the client first gets a rough estimate of the costs which identifies the movement or redevelopment of available resources. Apart from this, the vendor also conducts regular cost reviews to confirm the viability of the expenses and if anything can be reworked upon.

A Well-Architected Review – empower your business

Making the most of your Azure infrastructure and enhancing your cloud experience

Scope of an Azure Well-Architected Review

Azure Well-Architected Review provides the best set of actionable guidance that an organization can use to improve their workloads in the important points of their architecture. It’s designed to help you build the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure possible for your applications.

Experts recommend Well-Architected Reviews should be conducted periodically at roughly 6 monthly intervals. This way, organisations can optimize cloud costs effectively.

We use the Azure WAF to assess your current cloud infrastructure or IT state and facilitate, if required, in implementation of any alterations proposed. The following tasks are performed during this assessment:

  • Introduction to the Azur 5 pillars, in the context of your organisation
  • Leveraging Azure tools to identify gaps
  • Report generation that identifies the proposed recommendations to realise your improvements and implement the best-practises.

4 Core Business Benefits


Accelerated remediation of cost, performance, reliability, operations, and security related issues


Provides a consistent framework to enhance the overall cloud experience by leveraging native Azure tools, services and featuresurity related issues


Building a secure high-performing resilient framework to ensure safety of data and intellectual property on the Azure Cloud leveraging native Azure tools, services and security features.


Efficient cloud journey by collaborating with Azure professionals specialized in leading the well-architected review based on superior quality design principles

Get started with your Well-Architected Review – talk with an expert today

Our Well-Architected Reviews (WAR) are designed to help you build the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure possible for your applications.

We start by reviewing your current architecture, provide valuable insight, and deliver guidance to help you make cost-effective improvements for your business needs, all while utilizing the time-tested Azure five-pillar framework.

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