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Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud infrastructure offering PaaS and IaaS services through a global network of datacentres

Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud infrastructure offering PaaS and IaaS services through a global network of datacentres. It’s huge, covering everything from AI, analytics and databases through to networking, storage and backup. With a comprehensive list of global security and compliance standards directly integrated and powerful hybrid compute capabilities allowing you to connect your on-premise servers directly to the power of the cloud, Azure is the platform of choice for organisations large and small.​

​So what are the benefits of Microsoft Azure?​

  • On-demand scalability to respond to increased web or data traffic​
  • High performance compute to process any workload​
  • Powerful backup and disaster recovery options to keep your business moving​
  • Increase agility to spin up infrastructure as required​
  • Enhanced security and proactive monitoring to respond to modern-day threats and support compliance (inc. GDPR)​
  • Powerful hybrid connectivity linking Azure to your datacentre​
  • Global reach beyond your on-premise datacentres​
  • Flexible billing so you only pay for what you use​
  • Futureproof infrastructure with the latest capabilities

​Having said that, it can be hard for a lot of organisations to know where to start when it comes to looking at Azure. Here at ElysianIT we focus on what we like to call the ‘traditional’ side of things:​

Backup and disaster

Hybrid compute


Infrastucture as Code

Cloud networking


Server and datacentre

Cloud storage

Web hosting

Our Cloud Infrastructure practice can work with you to carry out an audit of your existing setup, help identify capability gaps and implement an appropriate solution; or even help build an end to end Cloud Infrastructure solution covering off all aspects of service delivery:​

  • Roadmap and strategy sessions​
  • Technical planning of infrastructure solution​
  • Technical design and validation​
  • Proof of Concept of Azure in action​
  • Implementation of Azure cloud infrastructure in to production​
  • Migration of servers and data to the cloud​
  • Managed Support for ongoing monitoring and management​

If you’re looking to utilise the Azure Cloud, ElysianIT can help you get there. Check out our Azure Readiness Assessment [link to Cloud Inf. IO page] quick start package, designed to get you using and realising the benefits of Azure from Day 1!​

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