the process of two or more people or organisations working together to complete a task or achieve a goal

What are the common goals for collaboration in today’s modern workplace?


Different teams and groups within an organisation all have unique ways of working and often operate in a siloed manner. This makes it hard to facilitate effective information flow, data management and collaboration between different parts of the business. On top of this, businesses have the issue of ensuring their information is secure, well-governed and all users have an understanding of how they should author, review and publish their documentation.

Using technologies such as SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for Business organisations can break down barriers to collaboration and improve access to the right information at the right time.​

Our typical engagements range from assisting our clients to get the most out of their existing investment, to setting up a new environment and migrating information from the current source (e.g. File shares,SharePoint On-premise) to a modern solution (e.g. Teams, SharePoint online).

Working with our wide range of customers with individual legislative and management needs, we see the following benefits from deploying collaboration technology with the Microsoft suite:​

  • Access to the latest breed of Microsoft productivity apps across multiple devices, all in one place​
  • Secure sharing and collaboration with internal / external stakeholders​
  • User-centric productivity tools bringing information to the end-user rather than having to hunt through separate data siloes​
  • Effective delivery of productivity tools to mobile workers and those out of the office without sacrificing security or capability​
  • Single source of the truth and real-time ​co-authoring in documents, presentations and spreadsheets
    Centralised management and control of security, compliance and governance policy and reporting.

Collaboration Readiness Assessment

Our mission statement is to understand our client’s business strategy, deliver technology to support that strategy, and support our client’s users in benefitting from that technology. A typical starting point with the collaboration projects we deliver is to discover, plan and validate your Collaboration requirements following a comprehensive and structured assessment.

Our Collaboration Readiness Assessment provides:

  • Office 365 collaboration toolset awareness session
  • Demonstration of our framework approach to effective collaboration
  • Governance, Strategy, Transition and Adoption awareness
  • Develop an understanding of migration requirements/approach
  • High-level roadmap creation
  • Collaboration readiness assessment report

In several instances we have extended this assesment to cover specific auditing needs such as the requirement to adhere to a written set of security policies (e.g. ISO27001) and have output the results with specific reference to clauses needing supportive technology.

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