Managed Security Service (SECaaS)

The preferred security model for small and medium sized businesses

Business Security Challenges – are you protected?

Handing over the security of your most critical and sensitive business assets is a massive undertaking.

With the move towards cloud-based business solutions, enhanced employee mobility, and bring your own devices the cyber security perimeter can be somewhat blurred at times. Business sensitive data is spending more and more time in the cloud and in multiple places.

Network security is no longer a simple case of installing a firewall and applying a security policy. It’s become far more involved as cyber-criminals get more sophisticated and requires a modern response.

Are my applications and data secure...

Am I comfortable with my current technology and how it's set up...

Do I know who my users are and are they using secure, compliant devices...

Do I received appropriate alerts and reports...

Is my security & governance technology automated and tested...

Whether you’re looking for cost savings, improved efficiencies or fast-tracking your cyber security to provide protection to your digital estate from the latest security threats, a managed Security as a Service (SECaaS) can provide great value to your organization by strengthening your defences and improving your bottom line.

‘The average cost of cyber attacks to small businesses was £65,000 in damaged assets, financial penalties and business downtime.’

Computer Weekly

SECaaS – enterprise security without the price tag

Managed Cyber Security Detection and Response

Advanced Intelligent Detection

Monitoring your digital-estate using world-class cyber security solutions, integrated within your cloud, your devices and business productivity software.

Zero trust threat management

Real-time implementation with automated threat escalation processes, ensuring threats are cut off at source. Available additional detailed reporting for further remediation and mitigation actions.

Accelerate your cyber security stance

On-demand Microsoft Cyber Security accredited experts advising and ensuring your digital estate is secure and protected 24/7.

Delivering Security & Peace of Mind

From multi-million pound corporations to non-profit – our team has successfully guided organisations big and small to those ‘aha! ‘ moments that transformed their business.

SECaaS Benefits – layered enterprise-grade protection 

Consistent, always-on security delivering you a fully intelligent integrated solution for protection and empowerment


Simplified Management and Processes


Scalable to flex and grow with your business


Reduced total cost of ownership


Faster threat identification & response


Latest Technology and Automatic Updates


Outsource costly skills and free up resources

ElysianIT helps organisations, of all sizes, who lack the internal security capabilities to expand their investments beyond traditional preventative security models and address their detection, response and 24/7 monitoring needs. 

Enquire about our cyber-security workshop to start your security transformation

Cyber-security Workshop

The ElysianIT Cyber Security Workshop explores your current cyber-security situation, ascertains where you want to be and discusses how you can close the gap between the two.

As an exploratory workshop, this will help you understand your cyber-security challenges and presents the solutions and options available.

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