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Technology Evolution – the reliance on IT

Business technology continues to evolve at an ever-increasing pace and recent years have seen a huge rise in the number of technology-enabled business. Even for those businesses who aren’t reliant on IT operations directly, the importance of critical business systems and associated IT infrastructure are imperative for success in today’s environment.

This signification evolution has correlated with a rise in business technology complexities, new ways in which many organisations are implementing or even built on essential technology systems.

Business Insight – with knowledge comes power

Reducing risk and improve your negotiating position

Whether you’re a Private Equity (PE) or a Venture Capitalist (VC) organisation, you need to understand your potential exposure and what needs to be done to ensure your investments’ digital estate will continue to be fit-for-purpose to achieve their goals.

Having this critical knowledge is a key enabler for you in the decision-making process on any potential acquisitions or add-on, so you can accurately determine the investments’ liability or full potential.


Reduce Risks & Liabilities

Examine both existing and prospective technologies in play.

Know Opportunities to Maximize Value

Identify the investments’ potential and understand how to increase value through technology.

Improve Negotiation Position

Make informed decisions on your portfolio acquisitions.

Delivered Value – some recent engagements

Manufacturing & Services

A Large FTSE 250 manufacturing business sold a significant multi-national business unit to private equity. We were engaged to setup new IT infrastructure, Line of business systems and migrate their existing data to the new environment. We have been providing support to this business since the end of the TSA.



Following on from the successful divestiture of the manufacturing and services business, ElysianIT were asked to complete the IT transition of their subsequent business unit sale. In this instance, the company was a security print business with 2 large printworks in the UK. As well as the IT migration activities, we also delivered a modernisation to their IT systems.



A global higher education provider was acquired by private equity, separated into 3 businesses, 1 of which was then sold as a stand-alone entity. ElysianIT carried out the setup of the 3 new modernised environments and the migration of data. We provide ongoing support to all 3 organisations which have lightweight internal IT support teams.

(Separation and Sale)


Subsequent to refinancing a niche software development and manufacturing company asked us to assist them with a modernisation strategy including a “cloud-first” approach for the hosting of applications and management of devices. This activity set them up for further growth and acquisition into the group onto the same modern infrastructure.

(Refinancing and modernisation)

Facility Management Services

We have been working with a US-based FM Services company who have acquired 3 complementary businesses over the past 12 months. ElysianIT has helped by migrating the acquired businesses to the Microsoft Cloud, updating the software platform, and them consolidating them onto the same It platform for centralised security and governance.

(Acquisition and Consolidation)

Technology Due Diligence Service – better investment decisions

Giving investors a deep analytical understanding of the investments’ digital estate, with any risks raised and the opportunities highlighted to ensure you maximised your investment ROI at exit.

Technology Due Diligence

Starting from £12,000*

Engagement programme – our experts will perform a detailed analysis of the existing digital estate, examining the investments’ solution landscape, its architecture, component parts, scalability & flexibility, available resources, team skills & structure and more.

Service focus

  1. Digital estate
  2. Security & Governance
  3. Resources

Comprehensive report scoping the current technical situation, highlighting any risks and liabilities.


( * Indicative Price – price example is based on a small organisation with a 12-day engagement. Bundle prices will vary based on the size of the target organisation. )

Maximise your ROI with our Technology Due Diligence 

We have extensive experience of working with investment companies, and clients, performing necessary Technology Due Diligence and are well-positioned to help resolve any risks and support your investment through its digital transition.

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Why ElysianIT – delivering transformational results

We’re a people company, our strength is through our combined knowledge and experience.

Our greatest strength lies in our ability to stay open-minded, to see through the complex and tech jargon to focus on what is important for the end customer.

It’s through our understanding of technology and organisational needs that we’re able to architect, implement, enhance and support some of the largest organisations in the UK.

Our work doesn’t stop there, we transform entire organizations as well –  we help companies master their digital investments to create better working environments, teach multiple teams to speak the same language, build empathy with each other, and give them the tools to build unstoppable momentum.

Intelligent Digital Innovation

Our addiction to crushing problems is what gives us that endorphin rush.

We get pumped when we learn new techniques, technologies and when everyone is set in motion amazing things start to happen!

Our Competencies & Accreditations

Ensuring we have the right blend of skills and peer recognition for your digital transformation

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