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Agree an approach to security and deliver supporting technology

What challenges do businesses face in securing and governing their technology estate?


Managing a modern IT estate is a challenge. We face a range of threats, from malware, phishing, zero day threats and even good old human error. Coupled with ever more stringent compliance requirements with GDPR, ISO standards and Data Protection Acts, a continually advancing set of security and governance tools are critically important. As one of the world’s leading security vendors, Microsoft has a whole range of capabilities to combat threats and reduce risk. The difference? Instead of adding them on, these capabilities are already baked in to Azure, Office 365, Enterprise Mobile Security (EMS) and Windows 10.​

We work with a number of very high profile clients who not only have the usual business challenges in governing and securing their estates, but are specifically and actively targeted due to the nature of their work, these organisations equally have very strict data governance and management requirements, they work with us on a multi-layered security approach for which we provide continual strategy and guidance delivering measurable results:​


  • A saving in potential security threat risks of £4.1mil average annual cost to a UK org​
  • Reduced risk around reputational damage and business loss from data breach, both malicious and accidental​
  • An average reduction of 2-4 man days on litigation and FOI case management​
  • Enhanced security and proactive monitoring to respond to modern day threats and support compliance (inc. GDPR)​

Security Readiness Assessment

Working with our clients, we will provide a baseline audit to discover, plan and validate Security requirements with our comprehensive assessment. Every business has a slightly different approach and appetite to security and risk as well as specific governance processes. We will work with you to understand these and relate our audit back to your business needs.

Our Security Readiness Assessment provides:

  • Microsoft Security and Compliance capability overview Understand the impact of GDPR
  • NCSC Cyber Essentials Plus requirements
  • Solution running costs
  • Enhanced security recommendations

Security Zero to Hero

For businesses beginning the journey to adopt Office 365 we provide a best practice configuration designed to help you hit the ground running in just 5 days.

Our Security Zero to Hero engagement provisions:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)
  • Mobile Intune App Protection
  • Azure Identity Protection
  • Technical Documentation
  • Admin Oversight and Handover

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