SharePoint – Commence

SharePoint can appear as a bewildering array of features and capabilities.

Depending upon your business drivers and needs Commence builds on the Assess and provides you with the options to start your implementation.

Having understood your strategy for SharePoint (from Assess) and the Infrastructure options that will underpin the delivery Commence provides the Implementation element to realise your business requirements.

SharePoint Solution Commence; (from £38,000):
  • Envision – confirm and agree the scope for your solution and the core requirements and success criteria and proposal
  • Planning & Design – definition of solution (functionality, branding, transition and adoption)
  • Build – Develop the solution
  • Deploy – Release, test, migration model, transition and adoption
  • Stabilise – deliver to your business (including transition and adoption)
  • Review – identify next step candidates (enrich) and review success criteria

SharePoint Infrastructure Commence; (from £8,750):

  • High Level Design – Distil the platform recommendations and options into a ratified HLD
  • Low Level Design – Optional element dependent upon the complexity of the platform
  • Infrastructure Pre-Requisites – Define and document the pre-requisites for install
  • Infrastructure Build Pack – Using our templates, author the installation build documentation
  • Build – Execute the Pre-Requisites, Install and Configure the farm(s)
  • Stabilise – confirm suitability for service – performance and smoke test as required