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CSP Explained – modern, flexible licensing

Get more value from your journey to the Azure cloud and Microsoft solutions.

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme allows you to control your service migration to the Microsoft cloud.

Working with ElysianIT, CSP gives you seamless and simple access to new and existing Microsoft cloud products and services. Letting you phase your digital transformation journey – ensuring a controlled and successful transition to make the most of your cloud digital investment.

Microsoft CSP

Microsoft CSP – placing you in control

More than just licensing, the CSP model is designed for partners to add value to their customers’ cloud experience via support, billing flexibility and advice. With this programme, a customer effectively has a buy, or pay, as you go consumption arrangement via the partner, giving you increased control and transparency on costs.


Only pay for what you want or use, so you can flex as your business evolves and transitions. 

Monthly Billing

Simply pay for what you used the previous month, much like a phone bill.


No Upfront Costs

No need to find your license moneies in advance. Enabling you to utilise your working capital more efficiently.

CSP is excellent for organisations that require their licensing to be highly flexible, and with its 12-month price locking feature, you’ll be able to take advantage of any special discounts or offers that are available and project what any future scaling will cost.

Buying Licenses with ElysianIT – get IT right

Ensuring your software licensing and cloud strategy are flexible, cost-effective and efficient.

Customers utilising Microsoft Cloud services such as Microsoft 365, Azure, Windows 10, Office and the Enterprise Mobility and Security Suite often don’t realise they can buy the associated licensing from partner organisations at rates substantially lower than the offered when purchasing from Microsoft directly; often in the region of 10% below the list pricing.

 Realise greater flexibility, cost-savings and transparency 

Microsoft licensing can be complicated, with customers often paying for more than they require, or not utilising the full feature set they have available to them.

Intelligent Licensing

Optimising costs for cloud services – working with you to understanding your license entitlements & needs.


Licensing entitlements

Ensuring you’re getting the maximum benefit from your digital investment.

License road-map

Determining how to transfer your current licensing and subscriptions to reduce costs further.


License compliancy

Review your online service utilisation and apply best commercial models to achieve efficiencies.

The Microsoft CSP program lets partners offer Microsoft Cloud licensing directly to customers and provide them with support and guidance to ensure that their licensing is appropriately aligned with both their usage and needs – delivering you greater flexibility, cost-savings compared to traditional licensing models, and added extra value through cloud adoption strategy advice and intelligent support.

Need licensing or cloud adoption advice?

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The CSP program lets partners like us offer Microsoft Cloud licensing directly to customers, meaning we can provide you with greater flexibility and cost-saving compared to traditional licensing models and add increased value by providing you with the complete cloud experience (Solution, Support, Licensing).​

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