StorSimple solutions use cloud storage as an automated storage tier, offloading capacity management burdens and ongoing capital costs. Using local and cloud snapshots, application-consistent backups complete in a fraction of the time needed by traditional systems while reducing the amount of data transferred and stored in the cloud.

Cloud-based and location-independent disaster recovery (DR) allows customers to recover their data from virtually any location with an Internet connection, and to test their DR plans without affecting production systems and applications. Thin restore from data in the cloud enables users to resume operations after a disaster much faster than is possible with physical or cloud-based tape.

StorSimple Benefits

  • Hybrid Integration –Microsoft Azure Storage seamlessly integrated into private cloud, minimizing configuration and providing a seamless transition
  • Cost Savings – With the inclusion of Primary Storage, Archival, Disk based Backups, Offsite Backups, Geo Resilience and DR on the StorSimple device you could obtain a TCO reduction of 60-80%
  • Scale – Storage and Cloud capacity can be provided on demand with built-in high availability
  • Redundancy – The StorSimple has built in redundancy of two of everything, and if that not enough the Microsoft Azure storage has up to six copies if configured for Geo-Redundancy.
  • Secure data storage – StorSimple applies AES-256 military-grade encryption for all data transferred and stored in the cloud using a private key that is known only to customers
  • Virtual Appliance in Windows Azure for DR Senario

StorSimple Appliance Models

Below is a list of the current models, Please contact us as Microsoft run ongoing offers which we can assist you with.