IT Managed Services

Subsequent to the completion of an initial project, customers often want an ongoing Support arrangement either to provide an ‘insurance policy’ giving them the reassurance that if they have any issues they can call upon technical experts to assist with issue resolution or, to provide an continuation of regular, low level, expertise to continue to develop skills and the capabilities of the platform implemented.

We can provide this combination of reactive (service level agreement backed) and pro-active (based on pre-agreed effort) support to customers if required. Pro-active support may be desired to provide continued refinement of particular services as the business starts to fully utilise the platform and identify further requirements and opportunities available.

Customers often take this support option for the first six months or a year subsequent to their migration to the cloud, by which time they have built the confidence in the platform and the skills in house to be able to continue their journey without requiring the safety net that a 3rd party support contract provides. In some instances, customers are looking to reduce the requirement for in house IT staff and an external support contract can be a more cost effective solution that further supports your business case.

A suitable package of support is typically tailored with the customer, based on need, internal capability and breadth of implementation and associated complexity. Just before the migration occurs, by which time the customer team have a better understanding of the technologies being implemented and likely requirements for, and level of, external support required. If you have already implemented Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Exchange, Windows Intune or SharePoint and wish to take advantage of our support services, either to augment your existing in house capabilities or potentially to replace them, please get in contact.


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