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Office 365 is Microsoft’s powerful suite of enterprise-grade productivity applications designed to help end-users become more collaborative, mobile and secure with a seamless experience across all devices.

How can you make your email system do more for you?

What Covid-19 has highlighted is that our businesses need to be flexible and adaptive to survive in what is an uncertain climate right now as well as the future. Tying your email into a self-managed on-premise environment means risking not only your ability to work during outages but also to ensure that security is up to scratch to not only prevent unwanted access to comply with GDPR but also to be able to audit, manage and report necessary information.

Exchange 2010 end of life

With Exchange On-Premise end of life approaching October 13th 2020 it’s critical that you take the steps now to ensure your business is in a position to operate efficiently. Moving to the cloud not only means cost saving, but you capitalize on the full arsenal of Office 365 features including security and mobility.

Mobility and accessibility

The greatest benefit of moving to a cloud bases system such as Exchange Online is that it’s accessible everywhere, at any time. On top of this your will be able to use your emails in a modern and familiar environment with Exchange Online sporting an Outlook Web variant that won’t short change you on features like the Web Apps of the past.


Licensing is often a convoluted and confusing topic but we can not only help you find the right licensing to meet the needs of your business but also ensure you get the most out of it.

Migrating to Office 365

We have decades of combined experience configuring, managing and deploying Microsoft Exchange systems and as a Microsoft Gold Partner we are not only accredited but prepared to deploy Microsoft’s solutions in a best-practice manner whilst applying our experience to ensure the system works for you in the way that you need it to. We can cater this process to your needs by migrating your mailboxes in a controlled manner, one batch at a time or completing the entirely of the process for you in a single sitting.

GDPR and Data Handling

More now than ever it’s important to ensure that your business is taking every measure possible to facilitate the secure handling of data as well as having swift processes in place to audit and report when necessary. Why not leverage Microsoft’s comprehensive and extensive suite of actively updated and maintained security measures, as well as their easy to use ability to produce DSR’s (Data Subject Requests) in a quick and concise manner.

Email Security

The Microsoft Suite in general has some of the most comprehensive and sophisticated security measures in place. With our guidance we can help you ensure your business is leveraging the necessary security practices to minimize the risk of a hack/data leak by implementing technologies tied to Exchange Online such as Multi-Factor Authentication


Microsoft boasts a 99.9% uptime compliance for the last four years running. Gone are the days where your business’s ability to operate lives or dies by the state of your server hardware, which often costs tens of thousands to replace every few years. With Microsoft’s cloud services your business will be online when you need it to.

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