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SharePoint and Outlook Integration – helping you manage your email messages and attachments’   

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Enhanced Integration – empowering productivity

Unlock the power of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Office 365 with MacroView’s award-winning solutions for generating and managing documents and emails

Filing your emails in SharePoint from Outlook can be time-consuming using the core technology – we work with MacroView to deliver our clients an effective method for automatically filing messages directly.

This is a huge time saver for departments who have a requirement to store a history of correspondence such as legal, compliance, or Health and Safety departments.


Easily Save Emails & Attachments


Search SharePoint & Preview Files

Comprehensive & Intuitive Functionality

Easily Save Emails & Attachments

Integrate Outlook with SharePoint to:


Drag & drop to save emails / attachments with automatic metadata capture.

Right-click to save hundreds of emails from the Outlook file list.
Automatically file incoming and outgoing emails using smart rules.

Search SharePoint & Preview Files

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Configurable Metadata Search directly from Outlook

Search based on automatically assigned email or file properties metadata.
Find and open documents from indexed network file shares.
View formatted previews of documents, emails, PDFs and images.

Why Integrate – achiveing operational efficency

Do you work with Clients or 3rd Parties on Projects or Cases matters resulting in file email transfers that need to be stored in a central repository – perhaps as a mandatory requirement?

Many of our customers have invested extensively in the Microsoft Office 365 Product suite, including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Exchange Online. While there are many ways to access and work with information in those solutions, it’s often a manual repetitive process to manage and maintain emails and attachments.

As a UK MacroView Partner, and Microsoft Gold Partner, ElysianIT has decades of experience delivering digital transformations in the Microsoft collaboration space.

Utilising the MacroView solution suite we can lift the everyday operational burden, of email file process and management, from your employees, enabling them to focus on the Project or Case in hand.

Outlook to SharePoint
Zero to Hero

ElysainIT providing all the elements necessary to enable your Outlook integration to Microsoft Teams and SharePoint:

Solution Awareness, Scoping and Design, Implementation, Training and Support

Get started with MacroView – talk with an expert today

Our SharePoint experts and consultants have a deep understanding of the platform and it’s integration with the MacroView Solution Suite.

We can work with you to understand your organisations’ specific requirements, enabling us to deploy and configure the vast feature sets of these powerful solutions, tailored to your business goals.

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Why ElysianIT – delivering transformational results

We’re a people company, our strength is through our combined knowledge and experience.

Our greatest strength lies in our ability to stay open-minded, to see through the complex and tech jargon to focus on what is important for the end customer.

It’s through our understanding of technology and organisational needs that we’re able to architect, implement, enhance and support some of the largest organisations in the UK.

Our work doesn’t stop there, we transform entire organizations as well –  we help companies master their digital investments to create better working environments, teach multiple teams to speak the same language, build empathy with each other, and give them the tools to build unstoppable momentum.

Intelligent Digital Innovation

Our addiction to crushing problems is what gives us that endorphin rush.

We get pumped when we learn new techniques, technologies and when everyone is set in motion amazing things start to happen!

Delivering Real Business Transformation

From multi-million pound corporations to non-profit – our team has successfully guided organisations big and small to those ‘aha! ‘ moments that transformed their business.

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