Integrate Outlook with SharePoint

MacroView helping you to effectively manage your email messages and attachments

Do you struggle to file volumes of emails and attachments in SharePoint?​

Filing your emails in SharePoint from Outlook can be time-consuming using the core technology– we work with MacroView to deliver our clients an effective method for automatically filing messages directly. This is a huge time saver for departments who have a requirement to store a history of correspondence such as legal, compliance, or Health and Safety departments.


  • Are you struggling to attach and save Files in Emails to MS Teams or SharePoint?
  • Want to work with files and Emails in MS Teams or SharePoint without leaving Outlook?
  • Do you need a Case/Matter/Project solution that allows you to work in Outlook and integrates with MS Teams or SharePoint?
  • Want automatic Email filing to MS Teams or SharePoint?
  • Want a cost-effective solution to achieve this?
  • Our solution stores your content in your MS Teams or SharePoint not in our or another 3rd party cloud MS Teams or SharePoint solution

Work with your Emails and attachments directly within MS Teams or SharePoint from within your Outlook interface.

  • Drag and Drop Files, Emails and Email attachments directly into MS Teams or SharePoint
  • Automatically file emails based on Rules
  • Create repeatable filing structures
  • Retrieve SharePoint stored Emails and files through your Outlook Interface

Do you work with your Clients or 3rd Parties on Projects/Cases/Matters which involve Files being sent and received by Email which all need to be filed in a central repository – perhaps as a mandatory requirement?

Many of our customers have invested extensively in the Microsoft Office 365 Product suite including MS Teams or SharePoint and Exchange Online – while there are many ways to access and work with information in those products it is a manual process to manage and maintain emails and attachments within MS Teams or SharePoint.

We are a UK Partner with MacroView who provide Outlook integration solutions. ElysianIT a Microsoft UK Gold Partner with decades of experience in the Microsoft collaboration space utilising the suite of Macroview solutions can provide you with a your MS Teams or SharePoint email integrated collaboration solution. This will enable you to interface directly with your MS Teams /SharePoint Libraries from within the Outlook Client – if you fight with filing Emails and attachments today into MS Teams or SharePoint you will understand the manual overhead involved.

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Outlook to SharePoint Zero to Hero

ElysainIT provides all the elements necessary to get you to Email integration with MS Teams and SharePoint;

  • Awareness (Overview of solution capabilities/Licensing costs and options)
  • Scoping and Design
  • Deployment and Configuration
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Support

Talk to us about:

  • Working efficiently with Email and SharePoint
  • Security and Governance
  • Workflow
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