About Us

Elysian IT bringing together outstanding Microsoft IT consultants and specialists, with a diverse and broad range of skills and experience.

Elysian IT delivers the kind of high quality services and solutions that we had been providing individually as single entities, with a broad range of offerings; but without the weak links, poor service and poor value that we often encountered and endured in other consultancies and service providers.

Our ethos is to deliver exceptional services and solutions, which are developed intelligently and interactively with our customers, which represent good value, and which are characterised by high quality and excellence.

We are very fortunate and grateful that we have been able to work solely via recommendation and repeat business to date; we seek to maintain that situation and to develop long relationships with our customers.

We welcome the opportunity to work with new customers; we are confident that we can provide a different and much better experience than you will or may have already experienced with other consultancies or service providers.